Happy Clients

Just did it guys just received my playstation 5 what a awesome experience. Time to get my hands dirty.

Anthion Mark

A million words  can not  describe my satisfaction on getting the new play station 5. This is litterally the best I have had this year. 

Louis Martin

GEt The Best Experience from Us

Wanna thank playstationgamingspot.com for making this a success my kid is so happy having receive his console. I smell a great holiday this year.

Sophia Gwen

Getting an Xbox series X for my kid has just been so much fun. We play daily is like I was missing out on my kid. So much fun for us!!!!

Mercy Jane

Jake and Mike are just adorable when it come to playing online is like their intelligence together is unstoppable. Thanks playstationgamingspot.com for your advice and services in delivering.

Nimon Askia

Get The best

The Nintendo switch is fabulous. Nothing is as satisfying as Nintendo Switch with Neon Joy-Cons System with Mario Glassware Bundle.

Mark Lebon

Look at how it sits in my basement. Time for some real action. Thanks playstationgamingspot.com for the delivery

Mike Laurance

Love my XBOX ONE, gaming experience is great. Will be back on play station gaming spot for some more gaming purchases.

Andre Simpson

We offer you the best service

Having to purchase from play station gaming spot was the best thing ever. I now use the site for my reference when looking out for the latest console.

Antonio Lavioska

Again thank you guys for the delivery. Just received my package though I should shout out to you guys first.

Mary Antionnete

Very exciting this holiday. My PS5 arrived today have already started getting my hands on deck. The gaming experience is just so awesome.

Laurence James

Again another deal nailed with playstationgamingspot.com. Receive my gaming accessories today haven’t tried out all but from the look of things there are just awesome.

Mariana Quams

Hurray Received the play station console have been waiting to get a better deal which you guys provided thanks guys.

Suzy Rashelle